Our Classroom Approach

Philosophy of Curriculum

The curriculum at Great Bridge Christian Academy is chosen with much prayer and research. Nothing is to be presented to the students that could undermine their faith. All truth is God’s truth; therefore, every subject taught must have biblical principles at its core.


Faculty and staff members must be born again Christians who show evidence of a strong Christian testimony in word and deed. They are expected to be active members of a Bible-believing local church. In addition, teachers must be qualified in their teaching fields. They must exhibit a teacher’s spirit and a servant’s heart. What they teach by their lives will be remembered long after the subject matter information is lost.

Christian education is an alliance of the Christian home, the Bible-believing local church, and the school. It is the purpose of Great Bridge Christian Academy to assist the home and the church, never to usurp their authority. We must provide a support structure that helps to form and nurture vibrant Christian citizens.


Philosophy of Teaching and Technology

Great Bridge Christian Academy places a high importance on the academic success of each student.  We have a balanced approached to the complete education of the child.  The strategic use of A Beka Book, Bob Jones Press, and Saxon Mathematics curriculum exposes each student to varied pedagogical perspectives.  Technology is incorporated into each classroom, but we take the focus away from the technology itself and place it directly on the learning and teaching it facilitates.

GBCA blends the approach of traditional education with modern technology to prepare students to succeed spiritually, physically, and academically.